Lil Keed Live [18+ Event] (Sep 27th) (Special Event)

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Lil Keed Live [18+ Event] (Sep 27th)
Friday, September 27, 2019 9:00 PM
ELAN Savannah, Savannah, GA
  • 18 & over
  • Special Event
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Online tickets have sold out. Tickets will be available at the door.
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  • Ticket Price: $25.00 - $60.00
  • Show Type: Rap & Hip/Hop
  • Restrictions: 18 & over
    Special Event
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This event is 18 and up.
Must show photo ID at the door.
Doors at 9pm.
Sections on either side of the stage are sold as VIP Seating, giving comfortable access right next to the artist and access to a Private Bar with a Dedicated Bartender and Security.
The remainder of the venue is general admission standing room.
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Atlanta hip hop artist who became known for singles such as "Blicky Blicky" and "Fetish" before dropping a second mixtape titled Trapped on Cleveland 2.
Before Fame
His friend Rudy was murdered. He had been rapping before the tragic incident, but he began to take rapping seriously after it occurred.
He signed with YSL Records and 300 Entertainment. His 1lilkeed Instagram account has more than 330,000 followers.
Family Life
He is the older brother of Lil Gotit.
Associated With
He is from the same area of Atlanta that raised Young Thug. They later collaborated on numerous projects.